When people order from a takeaway, they often go for their favourite dishes time and time again. This is something that you might enjoy doing if you know that the quality of the food is going to be the same each time.

There are certain dishes that the English public tend to favour over others. What are the most common orders from a Chinese takeaway?

Chicken Wings

When people are trying Chinese food for the very first time, they often want something that they are familiar with. This is why chicken wings are one of the most popular dishes ordered from a Chinese takeaway menu in Bristol. The chicken wings can be served with a variety of different sauces to suit anyone’s pallet.

Some people will want to eat chicken wings that are hot and spicy. Other people will want to try chicken wings that have been dipped in a salt and pepper sauce. You might fancy trying some chicken wings that have been dipped in some barbeque sauce. Then you will be able to eat the chicken wings with some rice, chips or noodles.

Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese takeaway dishes that people order in England. One of the simplest dishes that you can order from a Chinese takeaway is fried rice. You can have the fried rice with vegetables, pork, chicken or beef. The beauty of this dish is that it can be made and delivered to your door extremely. This is the perfect dish to order if you are feeling especially hungry.

Spring Rolls

You might want to have a starter when you are ordering your Chinese meal. This will mean that you are sure of being full when you have completely finished. There are lots of different types of spring rolls that you can choose from.

You might want to try some spicy beef rolls to begin your meal. Or you might want some rolls that are filled with sweet shredded chicken. Many people choose to have vegetarian spring rolls to complement the meat that they are going to be eating for the main course.

The spring rolls are served in a light batter which will not make you feel too full.


An excellent starter and main course need to be finished off by a very good dessert. One of the most popular desserts that people choose to buy from a Chinese takeaway is fritters. These desserts will bring the meal to a satisfying close.

You can choose fritters that have lots of different fillings. Refreshing fillings include apple or banana. The fritters are also filled with delicious golden syrup or icing sugar for an irresistible sweet taste.

When you are ordering a Chinese meal, you should look at the entire menu in order to make sure that you order something that you are going to enjoy. Some of the most popular dishes are also the best.