If you are throwing a birthday bash, your selection of sweets is vitally important. Kids love nothing more than munching on an assortment of colourful sweets when they arrive at a party, but you must consider all your guests.

Choose a Theme

You can incorporate different kinds of sweets into your party theme, or just forget about a theme and offer a varied selection. If you have decided on a specific theme, you can choose sweets which match the colour of your party. Each colour can match your decorations or theme of your birthday, if you’re doing an Under the Sea themed occasion, try ordering sweets in the shape of dolphins and other sea creatures.

Specialist Diets

One thing you must consider when choosing sweets for your birthday party is kids with specialist diets, such as Muslims. If you need to source Halal-friendly sweets, you can buy these products from businesses such as Rochsweets. They supply sweets in bulk that have been replaced with beef gelatine, making them Halal-friendly. Many kids who have been raised as vegetarians won’t eat gelatine products, so you must consider their dietary requirements.

Age Range

Before deciding what sweets or treats you’ll have at your party, you might want to ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. What is the age range?
  2. What other interests will they have?
  3. Will I bag the sweets or offer them freely?

If you are entertaining young kids, it is important to source sweets that don’t pose a threat when eaten. If the kids are older, you can be a bit more adventurous in your selection.