The American Social restaurant is a public catering enterprise with a wide range of complex cooking dishes, including custom and branded, wine and vodka, tobacco and confectionery products, with an enhanced level of service combined with a rest organization. Restaurants are located mainly in central, busy streets, railway stations and bus stations, airports, piers, motor ships, sea vessels, floating holiday homes, hotels, motels, mass recreation centers: parks, gardens, and stadiums and in suburban areas, in public, administrative and entertainment complexes, in places where historical and architectural monuments are located.

The Right Services

Visitors of American Social in Downtown Miami are served at the restaurant by waiters, head waiter, barmen, who have been specially trained. Dishes and drinks are prepared by highly skilled chefs. Service personnel in restaurants have worn uniform dresses and footwear. In restaurants where foreign tourists are served, waiters usually have known one of the foreign languages ​​in the amount necessary to fulfill their professional duties. Restaurants organize services not only for individual visitors, but also for conventions, conferences, official evenings, receptions, family celebrations, banquets, themed evenings.

Perfect Options

Sometimes in American Social restaurant, waiters serve meals with the final operations for their preparation in the presence of customers who ordered these dishes. In addition to the custom and specialty dishes, orders for the production of dishes can be included in the menu of luxury restaurants. In the range of purchased goods should be: chocolate, sweets (in the range), fruits, berries, citrus.

You Get First Class Care

In restaurants of the first class, more simple window dressing is allowed. In the halls of large-capacity restaurants for creating comfort and coziness separate zones are allocated with the help of architectural and decorative elements in the interior, as well as various methods of placing furniture and transforming partitions. In this luxury American Social restaurant, tableware and appliances are made by special order (stainless steel, high-quality porcelain and glass with the best finish), or selected according to the characteristics of the kitchen and service. On each item of porcelain should be a monogram or emblem of the enterprise. At banquets and receptions use dishes and appliances made of nickel and crystal.

Perfection in Style

Table linen (banquet, white and colored tablecloths and napkins, hand-made) are made to order in accordance with the general artistic design of the layout and interior of the halls. On each subject of linen is depicted a monogram, the full name or emblem of the restaurant. Tablecloths are replaced before serving each new group of guests. First class restaurants use stainless steel metalware and cutlery, porcelain utensils, white or colored tablecloths and napkins, but tabletops with polyester table tops can be served with individual linen napkins.

They also mandatory additional services provided in American Social in Downtown Miami, cooking and serving a festive table; home delivery of lunches, meals and other products on request; reservation of places for a certain time; call a taxi at the request of customers; sale of souvenirs, flowers. The restaurant of the highest class has a banquet hall, a bar, a cocktail lounge with a bar counter. The premises also be beautifully decorated, sustained in a certain style, corresponding to the name of the restaurant.