Wine is perhaps the only alcoholic beverage to have numerous health benefits even when consumed regularly (though limited). Wine reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and premature death. Extracted from grapes, another exclusive aspect of this beverage is that it is fermented without the addition of sugars, water, acids, enzymes or any other nutrient. Having been in production now for thousands of years, wine can also be made from rice, cherry, plum, pomegranate and elderberry.  It was an integral part of the religious ceremonies held in ancient Egypt, and till this day it is used in Jewish traditions. In India, a form of wine known as Madhu was drunk in ancient times.

Bangalore, one of the major cities in India, houses a lot of pubs and bars that serve great wines. Watsons is one of the best known spots for tasting excellent quality wine in this city.

Pleasing Ambience

Watson’s JP Nagar, situated in JP Nagar, Bangalore is an ideal spot for a brasserie to feature in your must-visit list. This pub has an old-world feel to it. The setting and furnishing is rustic in a way. Music from the 80s and the 90s is played during daytime.

The Best Drinks

Serving wine at only 280 rupees per glass pitcher, Watson’s makes incredible cocktails at similar rates. Caipiroska, Mai-tai, Blue Lagoon, Bloody Mary, Long Island Ice Tea, Bull Frog are classic cocktails one can have here. On a wider note, various brands of vodka, tequila, rum, Scotch, cognac, liqueurs, whiskey, malts, bourbon and beer is served. Shooters (which are cocktails made neat) are also served here. Hurricane is a concoction of vodka, blue Curacao and Bailey’s Irish cream. Flaming Lamborghini has baileys, triple sec, Sambuca, kahlua and blue curacao in it. Brain Haemorrhage, as the name forewarns, is grenadine layered- giving a first-time taster a good aftershock. Two Headed Bird, Kyra, Myra, Four Seasons and Jacob’s Creek are the wines offered here.

The Best Dishes

The number of starters and drinks served are impressive. Cheeseling Bhel, one of their most popular dishes, is a cheese snack with a simple yet delicious twist. Crumb Fried Calamari is a scrumptious dish made from batter-fried dish rings tossed with crushed peanuts and spices served with hot garlic sauce. Karawari prawns are always cooked to perfection with the perfect blend of tangy and spicy condiments. Burritos are served with four kinds of fillings: chicken, cottage cheese, beef and prawn. Watson’s also serves beef, crab and pork so a lot of dishes in the menu may be unfamiliar. For instance, Poddimas is a dish of fried boiled eggs, served with sautéed tomato and   coriander and Crispy Okra are thin slices of okra coated in a dry mix and crisp fried.

Popular Desserts

The most popular desserts served at Watson’s are No Bake Chocolate Cake and Old Monk and Kokum Cheese Cake. The No Bake Chocolate Cake is layers of soft and creamy chocolate buttercream and milk and brandy soaked biscuits, one over the other. Old Monk and Kokum Cheese Cake is a cheese cake infused with old monk and topped with Kokum glaze, a combination that will tingle the taste buds.

A relaxed, convivial and conversation-filled evening can be spent at Watson’s. Old connections can be revived and new ones forged here. You could come here to unwind and dance the night away. Either ways, no one will walk out without vowing to return.