Not many people know the rich history Texas has with pecan pie, not many people are even aware the pecan pie is the Texas dessert of choice. There is no way to know for sure where pecan pies became introduced into the American diet but most people agree that it was probably in louisiana, when the local native Americans introduced the new settlers to pecans, pecans really took off among settlers in the States when the oak alley plantation became popular but after that the history of where the modern pecan pie gets hazy at best, experts constantly finding new evidence. The French seem to have been to some degree the originators of the recipes due to the fact that they were already making pecan candies before the pies even started to hazily show up in history in the form of recipes in old time cookbooks. Although pecan pie recipes have been found in cookbooks as early as eighteen eighty-six. Though the folks at Goode Company claim that it was just something that appeared and slowly reared itself into what we know today as a pecan pie instead of just appearing out of the blue. Used to be that pecan pie was only to be found at the dinner table during thanksgiving dinner but nowadays, especially since pecan pie was named the official State dessert of Texas in two thousand thirteen you can find pecan pies almost anywhere there’s Texans or barbecue. All we know is that the Goode company pecan pie is probably the best pecan experience you can have probably since the first modern pecan pie was accidentally created. Many people have fruitlessly tried to recreate the Goode company pecan pie but to no avail. Even when the food network did a piece on the Goode companies pecan they did not divulge their recipe to anyone.

The pecan pie sold at the Goode company is very well known for having farm fresh ingredients and this is because at Goode company they take their cooking seriously their pecans are selected from the brazos river famous pecan farms to ensure that all the pecans in the pecan pie are both delicious and crunchy and have all the natural buttery flavor that pecans have. The Brazos bottom pecan pie is the most popular dessert item at the good company menu and the reasons why can be seen and specially tested with their rich blend of crunchy pecans and creamy filling as well as a handmade crust, all of the Goode company pies are handmade from scratch using their grandma’s recipe and that recipe is followed to the T in order to ensure that the deliciously famous pecan pie made by the Goode company stays true to it’s reputation. And remember that the Goode company does deliveries so as long as you place your order before noon that day your pecan pie will be shipped that same day. Don’t forget to allow up to 3 days for your pie to arrive!