The basis of all coffee bar drinks is the espresso. This result of 1 oz of hot water extracted through ¼ oz of fresh ground coffee using 9 bars of pressure applied consistently over a period of 30 seconds.  The drink is strong in flavor and in kick but is really the best way to fully experience high quality coffee.

Sometimes, though, you want something a little sweeter or a little more substantial. After all, a single ounce of coffee is not much of a drink at all.  With that in mind, then, here are 4 basic Kafexpress orders that add a little milk for flavor and texture.

The Cafe Latte

In the United States, the Cafe Latte (commonly just called a “latte”) is, perhaps, more common than even brewed coffee.  In fact, when you mention “coffee” to some people, this is the drink they will tend to think of before a cup of brewed joe. The cafe latte is a simple drink that is mostly steamed milk. Basically, you just pour 6 to 8 oz of steamed milk over a 1 oz shot of espresso and you have a latte. The latte might also have a little bit of foam on the top.

The Cappuccino

While the Cafe Latte is most popular in the United States, the Cappuccino is more popular in Europe. More traditional, perhaps, than the latte, the cappuccino consists of the very same 1 oz shot of espresso topped with mostly steamed milk foam. Essentially you will only need about 2 oz of foam to every 1 oz of espresso.

The Macchiato

If you like your coffee only slightly creamer and would like to try something a little more European, then the Macchiato might be just the thing for you. This drink is also the same 1 oz shot of espresso with just a touch of milk added. You want to add just enough milk to lighten the color of the coffee only slightly.  In Italian “macchiato” means “spotted,” so the drink is basically named for the “spot” of milk in the serving of espresso.  What you are hoping to accomplish is that this “spot” of milk spreads out along the surface of the espresso for just a very thin layer of cream.

The Macchiato Lungo

Now, if you like the sound of that but you still want, perhaps, a little more to your hot beverage, then you should consider the Macchiato Lungo. You make this by adding a little hot water to the shot of espresso (making it “longer”) before adding the spot of milk.