To get the finished product of chocolate bars from the pods of cocoa tree isn’t a complex process however every process needs to be skilfully done by the employees of chocolate manufacturing company for enriching the taste of chocolate bars, favourite of millions of people worldwide.

A note on how chocolates are made in the manufacturing site:

The process of chocolate making starts from the harvesting stage. Many leading chocolate manufactures have an agreement with the harvesters of cocoa pods to be treated when they have been plucked from the trees. Usually ripe cocoa pods are plucked twice a year. However, the time period varies according to region and climate. The pods are cut out to scoop the white pulp inside.

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The pulp taken is allowed to ferment in a container for maximum a week. The harvesters need to turn the pulp often for the beans to ferment evenly. This the reason why farmers are told to have great part in enriching the flavour of the final product made in factories. Then the beans taken out are dried under the sunlight for few days for before shipping them to chocolate making factories.

The next process takes place in factories. The first step done is to roast the beans, the process varies as the temperature and the roast time is calculated by the manufacturer. The roasted beans have quite a thin outer shell which needs to be removed before proceeding further. Winnowing is done to open the beans to take out the shells. The air blown of great frequency helps in removing the shells leaving behind pure cocoa beans commonly known as ‘nibs’. The shells are the basic ingredient of making cocoa tea powder.

The next step is to grind the cocoa nibs to make a paste commonly termed as cocoa mass or cocoa liquor. This form of cocoa contains both the cocoa butter and the cocoa solid part. Cocoa butter is removed by hydraulic process to make the white chocolate variety as well as to give final product of chocolate a smooth texture.

While refining the cocoa mass sugar, milk, flavours and emulsifier solution is added in the mixing container. The process of conching is done in which the particles of cocoa gets the fine texture which melts in your mouth. The last process is tempering which makes the chocolate bar the solid texture. The crystal compound in the chocolates is made during this process of tempering. This last stage of making chocolate definitely decides whether the chocolate evenly melts in its consumer’s mouth.

Finally the chocolate mass is poured in moulds to give the chocolate its shape as well as to put recognizable mark of the manufacturing company. The bars are wrapped after the cocoa mass gets cooled and lastly they are transported to its marketing dealers for its buyers to relish the taste of freshly prepared chocolates.