First and foremost vacuum sealing is a method of storing food and other items, in this article we will be discussing the food variety of vacuum sealing. Vacuum sealing is done in order to increase the shelf life of food items and reduce the size that these take up on shelves. The way this is achieved is by being placed inside a bag and then the bag is vacuum sealed with an item inside meaning the air is removed from the inside of the bag and then it is sealed, the reason this increases the shelf life of food is because it reduces the contact with oxygen that the food item will be getting and in doing this you are reducing the propensity for fungi and bacteria to start growing, though this will not prevent it indefinitely it will severely increase how long you can have something stored up five times longer in some cases. Meats for example can be vacuum sealed and made to last up to 10 days in the fridge where as without being sealed the most that they can last is usually only three or four days so don’t forget to check out Berkel sales and services Inc, they have a very wide selection of commercial vacuum sealers for sale at very competitive prices,

The way you use a commercial vacuum sealer is really quite simple and requires no real effort from the user in any way, first you begin by finding the thing that you wish to vacuum seal, after finding this you will only need to place it inside your vacuum sealer, making sure only that it fits within the container once that is done all you need to do is turn the vacuum sealer on and wait at this point the machine will do all the work by removing all the air from inside the bag and once the bag is completely empty it will then heat seal the bad in order to not let any air back into it and voila the food stuff of your choice has been vacuum sealed. This entire process is not only good for your food but also very fast the whole process can be done in under five minutes.

 If you’ve been keeping up with the sous vide cooking trend than you will know that it’s a method of slow cooking your food using water or air to slowly cook either meat or vegetables over the course of several hours, more than forty eight hours sometimes, having a vacuum sealer is a great addition if you’re looking to make sous vide cooking a part of your personal kitchen restaurant business or deli market because using a vacuum sealer in order to package the food before cooking it in your sous vide machine will increase the likelihood that your cooking container won’t be jeopardized by a ruptured bag or uneven cooking due to air pockets in the sous vide bag being used. Always remember that Berkel sales and services has what you need when it comes to vacuum sealers and sous vide cooking material.