Want to arrange a small BBQ event but don’t want to hire a full-time caterer?  You can call for BBQ delivery. Yes, there are caterers who deal with deliveries, so that you can save on the costs and yet serve the best BBQ recipes for your guests.

Below are the quick things you need to know.

Full-time caterers vs. BBQ delivery services

For larger events, full-time catering is more than important. This includes getting the equipment, arranging the necessary serving area, and cleaning up after the event. In most cases, the cost of servers is included in the price. In case of BBQ delivery services, you just get the food, along with disposable ware, such as plastic plates, napkins, spoons, forks and knives. Serving utensils and chafing dishes can be included in the price for an extra charge. BBQ delivery services can also arrange for desserts and beverages on request. The only thing that changes with delivery is the range of services you get. So, you don’t get full services and servers, but on the plus side, you don’t need a big venue for the arrangements, and the entire event can be completed in a smaller budget.

Things to consider

Comparing different BBQ delivery services can be tricky at times. First things first, consider your guest list and your requirements. If you want to serve a special menu, you should check if the caterer has the necessary experience and culinary expertise. In some cases, sampling might be possible for an extra charge. Also, check the range of meats they deal in, and not to forget, you need to see if the prices are affordable. Since we are talking about private events here, getting an estimate is always preferable.

Other things to note

Before you consider a BBQ delivery service, do ask them about their clients and size of events they have managed so far. For larger events, you may need servers, which can be arrange for, as long as you agree to the price. You may also want to check their signature dishes and things that make them different from others. Don’t forget to book in advance, especially if the event is on the weekend or during the holiday season. Ask questions as needed, and you can even seek a few references.

Check online now to find more on BBQ delivery in your area, and do compare the prices with full-delivery services.