Living and working in Quebec, you already have access to excellent cultural and historical outlets.  The combination of Old World France—from early European settlers—and major Western advances certainly result in some of the finest cuisine you can find in Montreal, maybe in all of Canada.

This is certainly true of the Sinclair Restaurant at Hotel St-Sulpice.  Whether you are having breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner you can be certain that the Old Sinclair Restaurant has something that will delight you.  Holidays, special events, and other unique experiences await.

And the same is true of the menus you will find in the Restaurant Sinclair private party rooms. These rooms are set aside, within the Hotel St-Sulpice, for anyone who may need to reserve space for a  board meeting, cocktail party, meet-and-greet, wedding reception, or other major event.  If you are staying in the hotel, then, you get all the convenience of having everything within arms reach.

When it comes time to plan your event, then, be sure to remember that L’Hotel St-Sulpice Sinclair Restaurant has three private party rooms—of different sizes—to accommodate various party types.  Keep in mind, that the Sinclair Restaurant menu changes seasonally, though they will always find a way to accommodate requests for vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary restrictions and/or modifications.


For example, if you are just holding a small board meeting, the Hotel St-Sulpice Sinclair Restaurant Executive Lounge is, essentially, a conference room. It can seat nearly a dozen people (with tables and chairs), making it ideal for meetings outside of the office, perhaps as part of the work engagement which required booking in Montreal in the first place.


Slightly larger, the St. Paul Lounge is about the right size for a cocktail party or, perhaps, a decent-sized dinner party. For dinner—with tables and chairs, of course—the room can hold about 65, comfortably.  With belly-up tables or simple cocktail tables, the St. Paul Lounge can accommodate about 80 for a social drinks.


Finally, we have the Salle Le Moyne.  If you are planning a big reception—for a wedding, anniversary, promotion, graduation, etc—this would be the room you would most likely consider.  The Salle Le Moyne can hold about 80 people for a formal dinner or up to 120 people for a cocktail party/social event.