In recent decades, the blooming of a craft beer tap system led to the production of growlers and its usage across the World. Craft beers can be taken from the bars or restaurants to just about anywhere, which is why people would need a container to carry craft beer in.

Growlers are containers used for the purpose of transporting and storing beer from a retail store, brew-pub or restaurant through the tap system.

These containers are available in many designs, sizes made from various materials like steel, glass or ceramic materials. Read this article to know about the handling of growlers to transport and store the craft beer.

Best Handling Methods of Growlers

How should you store the beer in Growlers?

If you love beer, growlers are one of the essential things that you need to have with you for carrying and storing the beer whenever you want to.

You can follow the buying guide for growlers to buy the best one for you. You’d find various Growlers-to-Go near Dallas, since there are good deals running all the time. After purchasing the best growler for yourself, you need to know how you can use growlers.

If you have decided to store the craft beer in growler you can prepare the growler to be fresh for storing purpose. You should always keep the growler with the lid off, allowing the moisture to evaporate from inside the growler.

Before using the growler for next time you should rinse it with plain water to remove the dust that is deposited.

How long the beer will stay fresh in the growler?

The freshness of the stored beer in growler depends on two factors that are

  • What kind of lid used?
  • How the growler was filled?

So you must choose the best lid for your growlers as it plays a vital role in the storage of beer. Some users recommend that the best lids as black poly-seal screw tops or flip tops.

This is because they can protect the growler with a tight seal and reduce the amount of oxygen passing into the growler which retains the taste of beer for some more time.

When you store the beer in a growler with good filling and sealing or in an unopened growler it lasts for 2 to 5 weeks. If you have opened the growler and oxygen has entered into it you should drink the beer within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Maintaining the Growlers

The growler should be cleaned after emptying the beer and also you can keep the growler in the fridge to avoid the bacteria formation in it.

When you have time to clean the growler you can rinse it with warm water about 2 to 3 times. So, your growler should be very clean and free from any material in it.

Then place your growler upside down and allow it to dry in the air. This helps to fill the growler with beer next time without any pungent odor.

Thus, these are the best ways to handle a growler for transporting and storing the craft beer. You can prefer the Growlers-to-Go near Dallas to have a great experience.